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SolarSense LLC specializes in the professional installation of high-end residential and commercial, 2nd generation solar energy systems, (second-generation solar technology utilizing evacuated tubes), e.g., commercial solar hot water systems and commercial solar heating systems for commercial buildings. Thinking photovoltaic (photo-voltaic or solar panels)? While it's within our realm, you may want to think again when you see our heat and hot-water ROI numbers. Please contact us for details.

Why choose SolarSense?

Vast Experience in the Industry
Highest Levels of Knowledge & Professionalism

If your solar energy company cannot promise more than a 30% reduction in your fossil-fuel usage, or cannot demonstrate a 3 to 4* year ROI (payback) utilizing FREE energy, you're not dealing with SolarSense.

Our approach is to develop customized, cutting-edge solutions that integrate with your existing systems. In short, we replace an increasingly expensive energy source with a FREE energy source, resulting in enviable ROIs that make 100% Solar Sense today, and tomorrow.

Though we primarily install in Fairfield County, CT ( Connecticut ), Westchester County, NY, upstate New York and also New Jersey, we have the ability to install in any state or location. Please contact us for details.

Our mission is to be the leading global provider of solar energy solutions. SolarSense LLC has pioneered the engineering, design and development of numerous innovative and "cutting edge" solar energy systems. With our highly competent and motivated workforce, we are well equipped to take on the most complex commercial installations.

Count on us for professionalism, ethics and integrity. We stand ready to serve your needs. Please contact us to discuss your options.

* 3-4 year ROI on Hot Water Systems, 4-6 year ROI on Heating Systems.

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